Backyard Deck with Feeney Cable Railings

We just completed a nice backyard deck with a the Feeney CableRail system. This is a nice deck that will allow the home owners to enjoy their backyard and provides a great place to relax. Check out the pictures below to see (read more)

Deck with Feeney Cable Rail System

This latest project we’ve been working on is a beautiful composite deck with a the Feeney CableRail system. CableRail lets you celebrate the view with slender cables and hidden fittings that virtually disappear. Check out the pictures below to see (read more)

Recessed Lap Pool Into Deck – Part 2

Work continues on the recessed lap pool built into a deck. Building off the initial recessed deck built by the pool company we we designing and engineering the upper portion of a deck to enclose a lap pool. The enclosed (read more)

Finished basement with open ceiling

We recently finished a basement that included a bath, small sink and toilet with an ejector system behind the wall. The sink drained into the ejector system under the concrete floor. An open ceiling design was used in the basement. (read more)

Rebuilding and enlarging an existing deck

When a deck needs to be rebuilt it is a great time to expand its size and build something that you will enjoy for years to come. This deck project required a rebuild and we expanded the size to make (read more)

Recessed Lap Pool Into Deck

Check out this fun project where we are designing and engineering the upper portion of a deck to enclose a lap pool. The enclosed space will be humidity controlled and provide year round heating and air-conditioning. The floor, walls and (read more)

Half-Bath and Guest Bathroom Complete Remodel

We recently completed a full remodeling of a 1/2 bath and guest bathroom. For both, new tile was installed along with new vanities. To increase space in the 1/2 bath an existing bi-fold door system was converted to a two (read more)

Spring 2021 Latest Deck Projects

Spring 2021 has started off busy with the opportunity to build new decks and porches and rebuild aging ones so they can be enjoyed throughout the summer months. Check out some pictures of recent projects to get ideas from projects (read more)

2019 Custom Kitchens, Porches and Renovation Projects

My Creative Remodeling Decks team accomplished a lot of great deck, porch, kitchen and renovation projects in the Middlesex County and surrounding towns throughout 2019. Check out the photos below for an example of some of the projects we did (read more)

2019 Decks, Custom Cabinets and Kitchens

2019 is off to a strong start with many interesting and beautiful projects. During the winter we build a custom cabinet and did several kitchen remodeling jobs. Spring, summer and fall is our busy time for building beautiful decks. Here (read more)

Correct ice dam removal process.

Snow and Ice Dam Removal Services using a Snow Steam Machine If you are having ice dam issues or have had them in the past, let the experts at Creative Remodeling help. We offer snow and ice dam removal services to (read more)

Farmers Porch Rebuild Project

A farmers porch is a great feature on a house but if substandard materials were used in the construction of the porch it will eventually need to be rebuilt. As you can see in the following pictures, this beautiful farmers (read more)

New Mahogany screened porch and Ellipse style front porch projects!

We recently completed some exciting projects where we added a beautiful mahogany screened in porch and deck to a house and an ellipse style front porch.  The first was a wood project, which was requested by the owner, and gave (read more)

Outdoor Kitchen

We recently built an fantastic outdoor kitchen as part of a beautiful deck project.  It turned out great and is a wonderful place for the homeowner to cook for and entertain guests all in one place! Interested in having an (read more)

Check out our latest modern bathroom renovations!

We’ve been working hard on several new bathroom renovations that fully modernize the homeowners bathroom and will give them years of enjoyment! Interested in updating your bathroom and making it a space your enjoy?  Contact us to talk about your (read more)

VIM Curbless Shower Installation Video Series

VIM Curbless Tile Shower Pan Installation Installing a curbless shower is a popular remodeling change to your bathroom and enables easy access to the shower and looks great.  Watch as John talks about the installation process of the VIM curbless (read more)

New deck projects posted!

We are always busy with new deck and porch projects and we like to document the challenges and awesome results for each of the projects!  Check out our latests projects to see what we’ve been working on. Contemporary Style Deck Check (read more)

Creative Remodeling Video Gallery

Understanding the proper techniques required to produce quality work is important.  For this reason, we’ll be producing a number of videos showcasing various projects that Creative Remodeling have worked on.  Throughout the video series John will highlight each of the (read more)

The cookout and barbecue season is just around the corner!

The cookout and barbecue season is just around the corner! Even though in the middle of February you probably don’t want to even think about doing anything outside, let alone grilling, now is the time to start planning for spring (read more)

Fox 21 News highlights! What is the safest way to remove ice dams off of your roof ?

Northeastern students dig in, shovel neighborhood spaces

The university ordered 200 shovels after students said they wanted to help clear snow around campus and the community.  Potential blizzard could bring up to 15 inches of snow  Advice on new doors, basement insulation, and more  Snow totals in (read more)

How do I know if I have an ice dam?

Ice dam problems usually occur after heavy snowfall and several days of freezing temperatures.  By Rob RobillardGLOBE CORRESPONDENT  FEBRUARY 11, 2015 What causes ice dams? Ice dams are ridges of ice that form at the edge of a roof and (read more)

Welcome to the Creative Remodeling website!

Welcome to the new Creative Remodeling website! My name is John Parent, and I established Creative Remodeling in 1997. I am licensed as a MassachusettsContractor (License #127861) and also as a Massachusetts Supervisor (License #CS-072950). I specialize in residential renovations (read more)