Creative Remodeling Deck’s Custom Screen Drain Solution!

Many home owners have a private septic system and protecting your system from too much debris clogging them is important.  Solutions exist to add septic filters and screens but they can be a chore to clean.  A more convenient, and less costly option, is to use my custom screen drain solution.  The screen drain is easy to install, traps debris from entering your septic system and is easy to clean when needed.  Contact me if you are interested in having one installed!

VIM Curbless Tile Shower Pan Installation

Installing a curbless shower is a popular remodeling change to your bathroom and enables easy access to the shower and looks great.  Watch as John talks about the installation process of the VIM curbless shower system.  He’ll guide you through the whole process from beginning to end shows you how you’ll end up with a beautiful and long lasting curbless shower.  Curbless showers are also built to be ADA compliant.

Curbed Tile Shower Pan Installation

Making sure proper techniques are used when installing your curbed shower is important.  Watch as John brings you through the installation steps for a curbed tile shower pan installation and learn what makes a quality installation!